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Mick Zawodzinski
May 24
Commendation for "CzescPolska"
As a Polish emigrant living in Australia, calling back home is a very regular activity - often lasting for an hour or more at a time! And an activity, which unfortunately usually equates with high costs, when the next bill arrives... I have used a number of telephone companies over the 30+ years of living in Australia, to call Poland - but I must say, that I am most impressed with the rates consistently offered by "CzescPolska", the genuine ease of using their service, and their many innovative products. Very well done, "CzescPolska" - and do keep up the great work - if for no other reason than for my own wallet's sake!
May 23
I have never had any issues..
I have never had any issues... and the mere idea of topping up someone's phone on an international level is so creative and helpful, thank you czescpolska
Aleksander Piasnik
May 16
excellent service
excellent service
Janina Kapala
May 16
Cheap and good connections
It is easy to make a good call to hear. And there are cheap minutes
Jan Filipecki
May 15
Excellent service
Excellent service
Nikola Krastev
May 15
I've been using CzescPolska for …
I've been using CzescPolska for approximately seven years, no issues whatsoever, works exactly as advertised, rates are reasonable, connections are good, the only thing which happens from time to time - sound quality is a bit lower. But all in all I'd gladly recommend CzescPolska.
May 4
Nice thaank you
Nice thaank you
Krzysztof Szczachor
May 3
Very good
Very good. Easy and always working.
Jadwiga S.
May 2
5 stars rating explain everything.
5 stars rating explain everything.
Maria Kuraszkiewicz
May 2
Czesc Polska program is chip,easy and …
Czesc Polska program is chip,easy and very convenient.
Henry Wigorski
May 1
Very Good Service
Very good service
Aleksandra Boehm
April 25
I love it!
I love it! I wish I had such a possibility years ago when my parents were still alive... I could phone them every day...
April 24
Jestem bardzo zadowolony z obsługi …
Jestem bardzo zadowolony z obsługi CZEŚĆ POLSKA, dlatego jestem z Wami dobrych pare lat i nie planuje tego zmieniać. Ziutek
April 21
Super easy to use, can top up my polish 'Plus' account with ease, love PayPal payment option, takes seconds, used it for few years now, no issues so far. Would recommend to anyone.
April 19
Always good and connections perfect
Always good and connections perfect. Keep like it is Rene'
April 13
Very easy to use and there is a live …
Very easy to use and there is a live person available to talk to if there are any problems. Great service @ great rates. I absolutely recommend it
Beata Kay
April 12
Najlepsze najtansze polaczenia z Polska
Zawsze dobre polaczenia z Polska , polecam , uzywam ten service bez zadnych problemow ,, I zaoszczedzilam na duzych rachunkach
Chris R.
April 12
Exelent service
Exelent service
Bartlomiej Babicki
April 11
I really like it
I really like it. Easy, fast, always when I need it. Even if I run out of money on my account on the middle of phone call , it is very easy and fast to add it.
Barbara bodzanowski
April 8
Very good
Very good. Never any problems with connections