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Stefan Oldakowski
June 14
my five stars needs no further comments…
my five stars needs no further comments , just try it ….
June 7
Great service.
Great service. Polecam wszystkim
Grzegorz Bialy
June 3
Bardzo szybka i sprawna obsługa
Bardzo szybka i sprawna obsługa
Michael Jozefowicz
May 30
The best Program to keep contact with…
The best Program to keep contact with my family and friends
andrzej michalina
May 27
Perfect service
Perfect service
Lukasz Zieliński
May 26
Szybko realizacja zamówienia i gorąco…
Szybko realizacja zamówienia i gorąco polecM
george matusiak
May 26
Dobre połączenie oraz ceny
Dobre połączenie oraz ceny
Anna Brudny
May 13
I am very happy with this service
I am very happy with this service, I can call to my family in Poland easy and quite cheap.
April 19
Good Service…
I have been using this service for about 6 years and never had any problems. Prices are competitive and quality is good.
Janusz Ferenc
April 14
👍 👍👍
Is very good 👍
Janusz Szpila
April 12
Very competitive pricing
Very competitive pricing. Easy to navigate website. Simple buying process.
Aleksandra Boehm
April 11
Please explain
I like very much czesc Polska. The only ...complain is...that the people in Poland say - when I call...it shows some "strange" description " - call from...Ukraine, Belgium... wherever... A few people do not answer...since they do not "recognize" American number.. Pleasee, explain
Marek B Mielcarz
April 11
Service is excellent
Service is excellent
April 7
Great service
Great service
Andrew P.
April 7
Great job
Great job, great service
Janina Czaja
April 5
I am happy with your services
I am happy with your services. Thank you.
Jack Rosay
April 5
I wanted to call Friends in Poland and…
I wanted to call Friends in Poland and relatives in other countries and I found out that CzescPolska is a great value. So I keep adding to the balance and keep calling friends and relatives and have yet to be disappointed. I would recommend this company to my own mother.
April 3
good quality and cheap
good quality and cheap
April 2
Nice nice nicenice
Nice nice nicenice
Dariusz Bialasz
April 1
Highly recommended
Highly recommended